About BarReviewSolutions.com LLC

Our Company Philosophy

BarReviewSolutions.com LLC was founded upon three simple premises: 1) any bar review can be made more efficient and thereby easier, 2) online, networked, and mobile communication and collaboration technologies can transform the traditional method of bar exam preparation, and 3) bar review products and services need not be priced at exorbitant levels.

Our History

Utilizing self-study bar review courses, the founder of BarReviewSolutions.com LLC, passed both the New York and California bar exams on the first attempt. However, in the process of studying for both exams, our founder made several important observations. First, bar exam essay-writing is a skill that can be honed and improved by utilizing a systematic approach. Second, the traditional bar review woefully underutilizes ever-changing communication, collaboration, and internet technologies that are ideally-suited to assist individuals as they prepare for their respective bar exams. Third, the lessons, skills, and tips one learns while studying for his/her bar exam are an invaluable resource for future exam takers. However, the preservation and dissemination of such knowledge is too often unartful or nonexistent.

To address these observations and needs, our founder began offering a number of products and services via eBay. Our feedback was phenomenal. In fact, our essay tutoring for the California, New York, and CA Baby bar exams became so popular it was necessary to restrict it to a referral basis only to preserve the quality and standard of the service. An unfortunate consequence of this policy was that many individuals had to be turned away. To overcome this disjunction between individuals seeking our services and our ability to assist them, and to offer new, innovative products and services, we embarked upon the creation of this site and our related products and services.

Our Product & Service Philosophy

We create, develop, and offer products with four principles in mind: 1) embrace and incorporate online delivery, communication, and collaboration technologies, 2) make products and services that increase productivity and efficiency, 3) make products and services easy-to-use and on-demand, and 4) provide exemplary support.

If you have any inquiries or comments, please feel free to review our FAQ or Contact Us.