The FYLSX Repeater's Dilemma: Turning "Did Not Pass" Into "Pass"

California Baby Bar Examinees,

Welcome to the latest issue of our California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) newsletter. Congratulations to everyone that passed the June 2012 exam! For individuals that did not pass, we encourage you not to become discouraged, as we've personally seen many repeaters ultimately pass the exam. In this issue, we consider:

  • Important Upcoming FYLSX Dates
  • Recent FYLSX News
  • FYLSX Study Strategy: The Repeater's Dilemma
  • FYLSX Repeaters' Discount
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Important Upcoming FYLSX Dates

  • June 2012 Repeaters Only, Timely Filing Deadline: September 3, 2012
  • Final Filing Deadline: September 17, 2012
  • FYLSX Exam Date: October 23, 2012

Recent FYLSX News

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California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) Essay Assessments available for June 2012, October 2011, and June 2011 exams

FYLSX Study Strategy: The Repeater's Dilemma

Everyone knows that the passage rate on the FYLSX is low, especially in comparison to the general bar exam. The passage rate for all takers of the FYLSX typically falls between 20%-25%. For repeaters, the passage rate is even lower. For example, the October 2010 FYLSX repeater pass rate was 15.5%. The passing rate for repeaters reveals in numerical terms what we like to call the "Repeater's Dilemma."

The Repeater's Dilemma is a simple observation that recognizes a repeater needs to improve exam performance but is likely incapable of providing independent, self-improvement because of the very fact the individual is a repeater (i.e., if an individual knew how to pass the exam, whether via substantive preparation or exam-taking skills, then the individual would not be repeater because of a successful result).

A FYLSX Repeater Needs to Unlearn Bad Habits

Unfortunately, most repeaters will simply stick with the initial plan utilized for the initial FYLSX attempt and "hope for the best." Often, unbeknownst to the repeater, bad habits (e.g., bad essay-writing habits) and tendencies have become instilled and are often difficult to break without outside assistance. For example, in our experience (via our FYLSX Essay Exam Assessments), individuals that have taken the FYLSX more than once will often exhibit the same essay mistakes on successive exam attempts without even knowing such items are mistakes/weaknesses that cost valuable points (a perfect example of the Repeater's Dilemma).

How to Overcome the Repeater's Dilemma

Repeaters should actively identify and learn from their prior FYLSX preparation and exam-taking mistakes. Such learning includes the need to unlearn poor essay-writing habits, which can occur on both general terms (e.g., basic issue organization) and for specific issues (e.g., how to address Duty for a claim of ordinary Negligence). Often, this requires outside assistance because if repeaters knew how to identify and correct such FYLSX preparation and exam-taking mistakes, then they would not be repeaters (again, the "Repeater's Dilemma").

In terms of essays, an excellent starting point for any FYLSX repeater to overcome the Repeater's Dilemma is assessing the actual essays from prior exam attempts. Exam essays reveal your true essay-writing ability under exam conditions. Of course, we are partial to our FYLSX Exam Essay Assessments, but, at a minimum, you should seek outside assistance in evaluating and learning from your prior exam essays.

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