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Welcome to the latest issue of our FYLSX Newsletter. This issue has information for those of you taking the upcoming June 2015 FYLSX and for those of you preparing for a subsequent administration of the FYSLX (e.g., October 2015 or 2016). Also, as a loyal newsletter reader, we are excited to give you a SPECIAL OFFER on our 2015 FYLSX Essay Solution On-Demand Essay Writing Workshop (see below). In this issue, we consider:

  • Important Upcoming FYLSX Dates
  • October 2015 Programs Available
  • Essays In-Depth: Understanding Products Liability, Strict Liability, and “Strict Products Liability” on Torts Essays
  • FYLSX Newsletter Discount: $200 off our October 2015 Ultimate or Paced Programs
  • FYLSX Special Offer: 2015 FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop FREE, 1 Day Only

Important Upcoming FYLSX Dates

  • FYLSX Exam Date: June 23, 2015
  • October 2015 FYLSX Application Availability: July 1, 2015
  • October 2015 FYLSX Exam Date: October 27, 2015

October 2015 Programs Available

Our Ultimate and Paced programs are available for the October 2015 exams. Any of our FYLSX programs can be used in conjunction with the completion of your first year studies in anticipation of both your final exams and the FYLSX or as a stand-alone program to prepare you for the FYLSX essays. You can sign up for either program today, to ensure your spot, and begin now or at a later date of your choosing.

FYLSX Essays In-Depth: Understanding Products Liability, Strict Liability, and “Strict Products Liability” on Torts Essays

In our experience, helping hundreds of individuals pass their bar exam, one of the most common mistakes individuals make on FYLSX essays is understanding the difference between strict liability, products liability, and strict products liability. Learn how to understand the differences, avoid common mistakes, and review our model template (all of 1-on-1 programs provide model templates for commonly tested essay issues) for strict products liability at: https://barreviewsolutions.com/premium/fylsx/torts/strict-products-liabi...

FYLSX Newsletter Discount: $200 OFF our October 2015 Ultimate or Paced Programs

This week we are offering our Early Bird Discount for our October 2015 Ultimate and Paced programs. This is the largest discount that we will offer on either of these programs for the October 2015 exam and only until June 21, 2015. To ensure you receive this substantial discount, you can enroll in the program today and begin at a later Start Date. To obtain $200 OFF either our Ultimate or Paced programs, utilize the code FYLSXEARLY at checkout.

FYLSX Special Offer: 2015 FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop FREE, Through June 17, 2015 ($125 Value)

Our On-Demand Essay Writing Workshop is available for those of you taking either the June 2015 or October 2015 exam. The workshop teaches and illustrates our methodical, proven method to writing passing FYLSX essays. The workshop is an excellent tool for exam preparation for the essays. In addition, for those of you taking the October 2015 or a 2016 exam, others have successfully used the workshop early in their exam preparation and for final exams for first year courses. Through June 17, 2015, we are offering our FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop for FREE (a $125 value) to our Newsletter readers. Yes, FREE! We only ask that if you feel you can use additional essay help for your FYLSX essays, after viewing the Workshop, then please consider our Ultimate or Paced programs. To receive the FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop today for free, just use the discount code FYLSXFREE at checkout. As a reminder, you'll receive 1 year access to the Workshop when you signup. Learn more, signup now, and begin the workshop immediately at: http://barreviewsolutions.com/catalog/fylsx/essaysolution

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