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An on-demand, at your schedule California Bar Exam essay writing workshop, utilizing a combination of written instruction and video tutorials. Select the "notify when available" button below to be notified when the program becomes available.

We Instruct You With A Proven Method to Create Passing California Bar Exam Essays

Learn how to read, outline, and write a passing-level essay for the California Bar Exam. Remember, knowing the law on the California Bar Exam is only the first step. In order to pass the CA Bar Exam, you also need to know how to write an effective essay. Effective, passing CA Bar Exam essays focus upon organization, issue identification, statement of the substantive law, and lawyer-like analysis. Our California Bar Exam Essay Solution is designed to teach how to achieve this objective.

Guided Practice Demonstrates the California Bar Exam Essay Solution in Action

The workshop culminates with a guided, practice essay question, which enables you to put the Essay Solution into practice. Complete a practice essay and follow along as we demonstrate how to read the question and organize your answer while pointing out best practices and, just as importantly, what not to do when composing your answers for any CA Bar Exam essay question.

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  1. Welcome & Objectives
  2. Overview of Principles
  3. Essay Organization
  4. Issues & Issue Identification
  5. Statement of the Substantive Law
  6. Lawyer-Like Analysis
  7. Issue Conclusions
  8. Essay Solution in Practice
  9. Reading the Question & Diagramming the Facts
  10. Essay Answer Outline Creation: Principles in Action
  11. Writing Your Essay Answer
  12. Tips & Best Practices
  13. Putting It All Together: A Practice Essay
  14. Wrap-Up & Conclusion
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