2017 California Bar Exam Performance Test Tutoring Solution

Learn How To Write Passing Performance Tests for the July 2017 California Bar Exam

If you are preparing for the July 2017 California Bar Exam, then you might already recognize the importance the California Bar Examiners place upon the written portion of your bar exam, including both performance tests. In fact, the total points available on the 2 performance tests are the equivalent of four essays. Unfortunately, many individuals put-off or avoid performance test preparation during their bar review. Our 2017 California Bar Exam Performance Test Tutoring Solution program instructs you with a proven method via one-on-one, constructive feedback to improve your performance test scores.

Please note, if you are seeking essay assistance, in addition to performance test assistance, then we suggest you consider our Essay & Performance Test Tutoring: Ultimate or Essay & Performance Test Tutoring: Paced programs for the July 2017 California Bar Exam.

We've assisted a wide spectrum of individuals preparing for the California Bar Exam, including:

  • First-time examinees who recognize that their exam writing or bar review course is deficient and need, or desire, the enforced discipline and resulting improvement in exam writing that a structured tutoring course can provide
  • Repeaters, especially those with passing MBE scores, whose deficiency in exam writing has been diagnosed by non-passing scores on the bar exam itself (i.e., res ipsa loquitur)
  • Any examinee taking a non-traditional approach to bar preparation by organizing and creating their own bar review course from previously released materials (i.e., the "buy the books" review)
  • Attorneys or law school graduates who have not taken law essay exams, let alone a bar exam, for a number of years

The Foundation of Our Program Is Our In-depth, Comprehensive, and Timely Feedback For Every Performance Test Submission

For each performance test submitted, we provide our in-depth, comprehensive, and timely feedback. Every performance test receives a red-lined, commented critique, identifying where your California Bar Exam writing is deficient and identifying what steps you need to implement in future attempts to create a passing-level answer. Additionally, we provide an in-depth evaluation for each performance test submitted (this is separate and in addition to each critique), identifying how you can improve your performance tests based upon the criteria utilized to grade each performance test on the California bar exam.

We will also answer any exam related questions, including questions regarding study strategy and exam-taking. The Q & A service includes substantive questions across all tested subjects. This is an unlimited Q & A service in addition to the performance test tutoring service.

Additionally, with our flexible, timely scheduling options, you can receive your feedback in as little as two days after submission.

Our California Bar Exam Performance Test Tutoring Solution provides the following:

  • Critique and Evaluation of 3 OR 6 Performance Tests (indicate your preference below)
    • Individual red-lined, commented critiques of your submitted performance test answers
    • Separate evaluations, concentrating on the grading criteria and providing actionable suggestions for improvement
  • Our initial, diagnostic, and evaluative questionnaire
  • A private, secure, and dedicated feedback page to receive feedback and make inquiries
  • Unlimited follow-up for all critiques and evaluations
  • Unlimited question and answer service, including substantive, conceptual questions regarding any California Bar Exam subject or concept from a licensed member of the California Bar
  • Instant email notifications when your essay feedback is available or other inquiry answered
  • Option to purchase private tutorial time (via web conference)

How Long Does the California Bar Exam Performance Test Tutoring Solution take to complete?

The program can be completed in a minimum of 1 to 6 weeks, depending upon the number of performance tests and scheduling option. For scheduling, you can choose between our Traditional, Accelerated, or Expedited Scheduling options:

  • Traditional Scheduling: 1 submission per week for 3 or 6 weeks.
  • Accelerated Scheduling: 1 submission every 3 days for approximately 1.5 or 2.5 weeks
  • Expedited Scheduling: 1 submission every 2 days for approximately 1 or 2 weeks

Please note, you can spread the course over a longer time period if you prefer. The stated time-frames refer to the minimum amount of time required to complete the course for each scheduling option.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about this or any of our 2016 California Bar Exam programs, then please Contact Us.

Price: $250.00