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Considering one of our full exam writing and tutoring programs for the February 2016 or July 2016 California Bar Exam? However, do you absolutely want to make sure that one of our essay and performance test tutoring programs is right for you before making a full program commitment?

We completely understand any such hesitancy or uncertainty. To remedy this, we offer this trial version of our California Bar Exam Essay Tutoring Solutions to provide you an opportunity to experience and see how our tutoring works without a major investment or time commitment. We are so confident that you will immediately recognize the benefit of the feedback our bar exam essay tutoring provides for your bar exam writing preparation, that we will discount a subsequent purchase of one of our Ultimate, Paced, or Fundamentals programs by the value of this trial version.

Our California Bar Exam Essay Tutoring Solution: Trial Can Begin The Process of Improving Your Essays for your February 2016 or July 2016 California Bar Exam

If you are a repeater with poor essays scores, an individual that has done poorly on law essay exams, or a first-time exam taker that simply wants to improve your essay performance, then in our experience, you can benefit from our tutoring.

For many individuals, learning the law tested on the California Bar Exam is not a problem. Their main difficulty in doing well on the exam lies in improving exam-taking skills, including exam essay writing. Fortunately, for such California Bar examinees, exam essay writing is a skill, which can be improved.

Simply writing practice essay after practice essay without critical evaluation and feedback, however, rarely generates sufficient progress in overall essay quality. We liken this method of bar exam essay practice to someone with a bad golf swing. If your golf swing is deficient, simply repeating that same bad swing over and over, without outside evaluation and assistance, does not generally create any improvement. Typically, it only reinforces bad habits and techniques. The same can be said of bar exam essay writing.

The California Bar Exam Essay Tutoring: Trial provides the following:

  • Critique and Evaluation of 1 California Bar Exam essay
    • Individual red-lined, commented critique of your submitted essay answer
    • A separate evaluation, concentrating on the grading criteria and providing actionable suggestions for improvement
  • Unlimited follow-up for your essay critique and evaluation
  • Our initial, diagnostic, and evaluative California Bar Exam Evaluation Questionnaire
  • A private, secure, and dedicated feedback page to receive feedback and make inquiries
  • Unlimited follow-up for your essay critique and evaluation
  • Instant email notifications when your essay feedback is available

View a sample evaluation and critique excerpt by selecting the above images.

How the Tutoring Trial works:

Site-based Tutoring

The service is conducted through our web site. Upon purchase, if you do not already have a User Account, a User Account is created for you. Once you login to your User Account, a navigation menu for the trial tutoring service will be available to you. From this menu, you can review the Tutoring Overview and complete your questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you can download, complete, and submit your practice essay. Upon submission, we will evaluate and critique your essay and make the feedback available for download on your personal, private, and secure feedback page. For timely submissions (you indicate your submission date on the questionnaire), your feedback will be available within three (3) business days.

Obtaining the Trial Discount on Full Tutoring Packages?

If you would like to purchase a full tutoring package after the trial version is over, we provide you a discount code on the tutoring overview page.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, then please review our FAQ. For any unanswered questions, you can also reach us via our Contact page (select tutoring inquiry category).

Regardless of whether you choose to utilize any of our tutoring, best of luck in your exam preparation and, hopefully, your future legal career.

Price: $65.00

California Bar Exam Testimonials:

I want to say thank you for your wonderful tutoring. This was my third time taking the California Bar. After I received my scores from the February exam, I realized that I needed to make a vast improvement on my essays and Performance Tests. I decided to use this tutoring service. I was amazed at the in-depth critique that I received for each essay and performance test. I decided to take the California bar again, armed with the encouragement and great critiques that I had received from this tutor. I found out in November that I PASSED the California bar exam. I went to a non ABA school and I knew the odds were against me. However, with the dedication and the teaching that this tutor gives you CAN pass also. I am living proof. I want to thank you for everything that you taught me, I am forever grateful!!!

I passed :) ... I just wanted to thank you for all your help on the bar essays. I passed on my first try and will definitely be recommending you to my friends who will be sitting for the bar.

Thank you BarReviewSolutions.com. After taking the Bar exam multiple times, and giving up on all other reviews, I found THE "Bar Review Solution." The critique that I received for each essay was crucial. Each response from BarReviewSolutions.com came to me timely and detailing an outline of how to improve. It was not like other reviews that just tell you what you did wrong, it was an instruction of how to do it right. When you take the bar exam multiple times, it's no longer about learning the law, it's about application, how to transfer and present what you know in your exam writing. After completing the BarReviewSolutions.com tutoring program, I took the bar for the Last time, and I passed!

Hello, I took your course for the 2010 July bar exam...I passed the bar exam! I believe I would not have this happy moment without your support with respect to the essays. Thank you very much for your dedicated support. Your dedicated feedback was very helpful.

When I first took the California Bar Exam I was already a member of two other jurisdictions, hadn't taken in a bar exam in 7 years and could not believe the essays would be that difficult. After failing on the first attempt, I found BarReviewSolutions.com. The guidance, reviews and critiques provided by BarReviewSolutions.com were undeniably helpful. I was able to learn what the bar examiners wanted to see in an essay and the performance portion of the exam and helped me learn how to write for the California Bar Exam. I would not have passed the California bar the second time without this expert advise. Thank you BarReviewSolutions.com.

BarReviewSolutions.com is excellent at giving you the feedback and tools you need in order to help you pass the bar. I had taken another, extremely expensive course taught by a private tutor which was a complete waste of my time and money. After using BarReviewSolutions.com I passed the bar!!! Don't be fooled by their reasonable pricing. They are worth 10 times what they are charging.

My BarReviewSolutions.com tutor is a very thorough and an insightful reader. I had been writing tens of BAR essays on my own and kept missing key points. My tutor's critical eye helped me to see my essays in a different light. After reading his feedbacks, I was better at spotting, and ultimately preventing my own mistakes. My tutor is sharp, focused and highly skilled at BAR essay grading. I have passed the Cal Bar on the first try and definitely owe him at least half of the credit. I did not do BARBRI, I did not do PMBR, nor did I do any other formal BAR preparation course. If you are like me and are on a tight budget, BarReviewSolutions.com's services are the best BAR preparation investment you can make.

I sought BarReviewSolution.com's performance test tutoring services after I had failed the California Bar Exam with non-passing performance test scores. BarReviewSolutions.com had excellent practice materials and gave me invaluable evaluations and suggestions. The whole process was extremely straighforward, honest and quick. I went into my second exam more confident and prepared. I would suggest BarReviewSolution.com's services to anyone taking the bar exam.

Hello, I had ordered the review and assessment for the July 2009 California Bar Exam. I heeded your detailed critiques and evaluations, and consequently I passed the exam in February 2010. Your service helped me tremendously and I just wanted to say thanks.