California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) Essay Assessment & Critical Review

Didn't Pass the California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX)? Frustrated? Looking for Answers?

You are not alone. In recent administrations approximately only 20% all takers pass the California Baby Bar Exam.

Obviously, Retaking the FYLSX, You Want to Prevent the Same Result on the next Exam!

However, before you jump head first into FYLSX exam prep, you should not overlook an invaluable study tool for the FYLSX: your prior exam essay answers from the last exam.

Your FYLSX Exam Essays Are an Invaluable Learning Tool

To diagnose and assess your FYLSX essay writing ability, your current strengths and weaknesses, there is no better tool or resource than your essay answers from the exam. Unfortunately, unsuccessful applicants are unable to assess their exam essay writing performance in an effective manner that provides concrete, knowledgeable, and actionable suggestions to improve future exam writing in anticipation for another California Baby Bar Exam attempt.

Our FYLSX Essay Assessment & Critical Review Provides In-Depth, Comprehensive Guidance Via An Assessment of Your Exam Essays

Our FYLSX Essay Assessment applies our proven essay tutorial methods to your actual exam essays. Quite simply, via our Essay Assessment, we identify your essay writing strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable suggestions and feedback to immediately improve your FYLSX essay writing ability. The Assessment includes the following:

  • an exam survey assessing your FYLSX experience
  • red-lined, commented critiques of each essay (4 critiques total),
  • a separate, written evaluation for each essay (4 evaluations total),
  • a personalized, custom essay summary and suggestions video (approximately 15-20 minutes in length), highlighting recurring, correctable tendencies across all essays,
  • a private, secure Assessment page on our website
  • unlimited follow-up, an unlimited question and answer service regarding the contents of your Assessment
  • option to purchase 1-on-1 tutoring sessions at a reduced rate

Added Bonus: Our FYLSX Essay Solution: On-Demand Workshop, A $250 Value

In addition to our comprehensive assessment of your exam essays, we are including a 1 Year subscription to our FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop. Our FYLSX Essay Solution Workshop provides you a proven method to writing passing essays on the California baby bar exam.

How the FYLSX Essay Assessment Works:

The Assessment is provided via our website. Upon purchase, a User Account is created for you, if you do not have an account already. Once you login to your User Account, the Exam Survey and Workshop will be available to you. You can then review the Assessment Overview, complete your Exam Survey, and learn how to submit your actual exam essays (either via fax, email, or file upload to the site). After submission of both your exam essays and your exam survey, your Assessment will be made available to you within 7 business days. Once available, you will be able to access and download your Exam Assessment via a private, secure feedback page. After reviewing your Assessment, you can then make follow-up inquiries if you would like additional clarification or guidance regarding the contents of the Assessment.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, then please review our FAQ. For any unanswered questions, you can reach us via our Contact page.

Price: $400.00