2017 California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) Essay Tutoring Solution: Trial

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Considering one our essay preparation programs for the June 2017 or October 2017 California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX)? However, are you hesitant that a full program is right for you?

We completely understand any such hesitance or uncertainty. To remedy this, we offer this trial version of our California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) essay preparation programs to provide you an opportunity to experience how our program works without a major investment or time commitment.

We are so confident that you will immediately recognize the benefit of the tutoring to your California Baby Bar Exam essay writing ability and preparation, that we will discount a subsequent purchase of one of our programs (Ultimate, Paced, or Fundamentals) by the value of this trial version.

How can the California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) essay tutoring trial help me?

We recognize that the passage rate for the California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) is very low. If you are a repeat exam taker with poor essays scores, an individual that has done poorly on law essay exams, or a first-time exam taker that simply wants to improve your essay performance, then in our experience, you can benefit from our tutoring.

For many individuals, learning the law tested on the FYLSX/Baby Bar Exam is not a problem. Their main difficulty in doing well on the exam lies in improving exam-taking skills, including exam essay writing. Fortunately, for such Baby Bar examinees, exam essay writing is a skill, which can be improved.

Simply writing practice essay after practice essay without critical evaluation and feedback, however, rarely generates sufficient progress in overall essay quality. We liken this method of exam essay practice to someone with a bad golf swing. If your golf swing is deficient, simply repeating that same bad swing over and over, without outside evaluation and assistance, does not generally create any improvement. Typically, it only reinforces bad habits and techniques. The same can be said of exam essay writing.

The 2017 California Baby Bar Exam (FYLSX) Essay Tutoring: Trial provides the following:

  • Critique and Evaluation of 1 California Baby Bar exam essay
    • Individual red-lined, commented critique of your submitted essay answer
    • A separate evaluation, concentrating on the grading criteria and providing actionable suggestions for improvement
  • Unlimited follow-up for your essay critique and evaluation
  • Abbreviated version of our initial, diagnostic, and evaluative questionnaire
  • A private, secure, and dedicated feedback page to receive feedback and make inquiries
  • Unlimited follow-up for your essay critique and evaluation
  • Instant email notifications when your essay feedback is available

The trial essay Critique is a red-lined, commented version of your answer. The Evaluation, a separate document, includes constructive feedback with specific steps you can take to improve your essay performance based upon the grading criteria. View samples by selecting the above images.

How the FYLSX Tutoring Trial works:

Site-based Tutoring

The service is conducted through our web site. If you do not already have a User Account, upon purchase a User Account is created for you. Once you login to your User Account, a navigation menu for the FYLSX trial tutoring service will be available to you. From this menu, you can review the Tutoring Overview and complete your questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, you can download, complete, and submit your FYLSX essay. Upon submission, we will evaluate and critique your essay and make the feedback available for download on your personal, private, and secure feedback page. For timely submissions (you indicate your submission date on the questionnaire), your feedback will be available within three (3) business days.

Obtaining the Trial Discount on Our Other Programs

If you would like to purchase our Fundamentals, Paced, or Ultimate program after the trial version is over, then we provide a discount code with the Trial to apply to a subsequent purchase.

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, then please review our FAQ. For any unanswered questions, please Contact Us (select tutoring inquiry category).

Regardless of whether you choose to utilize any of our tutoring, best of luck in your June 2017 or October 2017 California Baby Bar Exam preparation and, hopefully, your future legal career.

Price: $75.00

Some Of Our California Baby Bar Exam Successes:

I passed the FYLSX, I really think the specific paragraph by paragraph feedback you provide made the difference...Another review course I had used simply compared my essay to the model answer, giving these general comments--really irritating, since I can read the model answer myself!-passed FYLSX (3rd-time taker) with our FYLSX Fundamentals program

BarReviewSolutions.com, your system is truly a masterpiece. My first two FYLSE essays were scored 80 and 85!! During the school year, I never did better than 65. I knew I had a problem and you guys were the solution. I passed the whole exam (first try) with a 641. Having strong essays to lead with is definitely the way to do this. Thanks for a great job! -passed FYLSX (1st-time taker) with our FYLSX Fundamentals program

I'd like to say thank you very much for your great help with my FYLSX essay writing. Thanks to your advice and guidance, I passed the FYLSX. I still cannot believe that I did it!!-passed FYLSX (1st-time taker) with our FYLSX Ultimate program

PASSED!!!!!!!!!! PASSED!!!!!!!!!! PASSED!!!!!!!!!! I not only passed, but passed with 58 points to spare because of the excellence of this service. I went from a Baby Bar failure to a Baby Bar success story thanks to the dedication and perseverance BarReviewSolutions.com put into analyzing my essay writing weaknesses and their detailed critiquing of my essay submissions, which demonstrated to me how to overcome my essay writing problems.-Repeater, passed with our FYLSX Assessment and FYLSX Fundamentals program

I passed the baby bar exam! I am grateful to you for your super-duper, excellent help, which was very meticulous, thorough, professional, and committed. Without your help, I would not have passed the exam. Thank you very, very much! -3-time Repeater, passed with our FYLSX Paced program

Passed FYLSX! Just wanted to share the good news that I passed the FYLSX! Your essay critiques truly helped me pass the exam.-Repeater, passed with our FYLSX Fundamentals program

I just got back my results from the FYLSE and I passed. Thanks for all you help!! I'm sure it made the difference for me in passing this time. -Repeater, passed with our FYLSX Paced program

I passed the FYLSE!  Thank you for your support, patience and critique of my essays. -1st-time Taker, passed with our FYLSX Fundamentals program

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Baby Bar on the first try. Thank you for all your help. -1st-time Taker, passed with our FYLSX Fundamentals program

Wow! Exceeded my expectations for law school and help writing essays...BUY!

Excellent service! Feedback extensive and detailed. Great!

This tutoring is wonderful very well laid out and easy to understand, I love it.

Reviews were incisive, to the point, extremely beneficial, a MUST for bar-takers.

The feedback is invaluable this type of tutoring is a must for any bar exam!

The best! A lifesaver - goes beyond the essays and answers questions - FAST!