February 2016 New York Bar Exam Calendar Solution

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Flexible, Easy-to-Use Bar Review Study Schedule Template & Instructions via Instant, Digital Download - Yes, FREE

Do you need a comprehensive study schedule in calendar format to serve as the foundation of your New York Bar Exam review? Have you been told by others that one of the keys to an effective review is being organized and "staying the course"? Is the idea of fiddling on your computer to create an elaborate bar study schedule from scratch driving you nuts? Would you like a proven sample bar review study schedule with specific instructions in multiple, convenient, and easy to use formats?

If so, we offer New York bar review study schedule templates in a variety of calendar formats. One cannot over-emphasize the importance of creating, and religiously following, a personalized study schedule for your New York bar review. Being organized and disciplined are keys for any successful bar examinee.

What if I am enrolled in a commercial bar review course?

If you are planning for the February 2016 New York Bar Exam, or if your bar review is already underway, you will likely place a premium on an organized, disciplined approach toward exam preparation. Even if you are enrolled in a commercial bar review course, you can benefit from a detailed, personalized bar study schedule. Often, bar review courses simply provide weekly goals and objectives or schedules of lectures and other "in-class" activities. But, what are you to do in your vital personal study time? When should you write essays, do multiple choice questions, and practice performance tests? And, how many of each? What should you do the final weeks of bar review when your course has long disbanded? Well, a well-planned study schedule can answer all these questions, and more, even before you begin your bar review.

19 Pages of Guidelines + Multiple Calendar Formats at an Affordable Price

Yes, FREE! Since the download is via a specially-created link sent to your email address, we require you to follow the normal checkout process but without any charge. After checking out and downloading the calendars, you can quickly and conveniently organize your New York Bar Exam review in a variety of flexible, easy to use formats. Using these calendar templates, and incorporating the ideas presented in the detailed Guidelines, we have helped many individuals pass the New York Bar Exam.

View the images to the left for a few sample excerpts.

You Will Receive (via a download link sent to your email address after checkout):

  • Our 19-page Calendar Solution Guidelines: guidelines, principles, and instructions for you to use and/or adapt the sample schedules to your New York bar review
  • Sample bar review study schedules covering the February 2016 New York Bar Exam

  • Good luck on the New York Bar Exam.

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