2016 New York Bar Exam

We Teach Bar Exam Writing for the July 2016 New York Bar Exam

If you are preparing for the July 2016 New York Bar Exam, then you are likely placing a premium on understanding how to approach, organize, and write essays that receive passing scores to reach your ultimate goal of passing the New York Bar Exam. The New York Bar Exam essays utilize the Multistate Essay Exam, which is a unique type of law essay exam, following a definitive model of organization and analysis. Our essay writing programs take the mystery and frustration out of preparing for the New York Bar Exam essays. We've assisted numerous individuals improve their essay performance and, ultimately, pass the New York Bar Exam.

We Provide Individual, Personal Feedback For Your New York essays

We constantly hear from first-time takers, and repeaters alike, that their large, commercial bar review courses provide limited, or non-existent, personal instruction and feedback for their practice essays. Often, such individuals receive only a score or non-instructive comments on such practice essays. Moreover, it often takes weeks for an individual to receive this "feedback".

In contrast, all of our essay programs provide individual, personal, and comprehensive feedback for all of your essay submissions, including red-lined critiques and separate summary evaluations. For example, if your analysis for a particular issue needs improvement, we just don't tell you that. Instead, we provide concrete examples and explain how to improve such analysis. Also, with our flexible scheduling options, you can receive this comprehensive feedback in as little as 2 days.

Our Programs Utilize Progressive Feedback to Improve Your New York Essays

Keep in mind, whenever you begin your New York Bar Exam preparation, constant NY essay practice should be a vital component of your review. However, ineffective essay practice usually results in ineffective results. All of our programs are designed around a progressive feedback method. With our in-depth, red-lined critiques for all of your essay submissions and evaluations that include actionable suggestions, you can improve your essay quality immediately by implementing the suggestions in subsequent essays with this "lessons-learned" approach. Utilizing this method, your bad habits and mistakes are progressively eliminated.

We've Assisted a Wide Spectrum of Individuals Pass the New York Bar Exam, including:

  • First-time examinees desiring to supplement their bar review course with a supplementary exam writing program
  • Multiple Repeaters: individuals that have taken the New York Bar Exam 2 or more times
  • Foreign-educated bar applicants sitting for the New York Bar Exam, including applicants from Korea, Japan, and England/UK
  • Individuals taking a non-traditional approach to bar preparation by organizing and creating their own bar review course (the "buy the books" bar review)
  • Attorneys or law school graduates who have not taken law essay exams, let alone a bar exam, for a number of years

We Offer A Variety of Programs Based Upon Your Needs and Background; Begin Today

We offer a number of programs, each designed with your individual exam-taking needs and experience in mind. For multiple repeaters or individuals with demonstrated exam writing deficiencies, we offer our New York Bar Exam Essay & Performance Test Tutoring Solution: Ultimate. For first-time takers seeking a supplementary writing program or for any examinee desiring last-minute preparations, we offer our New York Bar Exam Essay & Performance Test Tutoring Solution: Paced. You can sign up for and begin any of our programs today. Review our available programs below, and then view the full program description that best suits your bar exam writing experience below.

Flexible Scheduling

All of our New York Bar Exam essay programs are designed to work around your schedule. You can start whenever you want (of course, the earlier the better). We provide flexible scheduling options, which do not impose mandatory due dates. You complete the program at your own pace and schedule. Alternatively, we can work with you to create a custom, paced program to coincide with your bar preparation efforts.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our programs, or if you would like to inquire about a custom program (e.g., number of essays, long-term programs, or special scheduling needs), then please feel free to Contact Us.

New York Bar Exam Testimonials:

Dear BarReviewSolutions.com Team, I just want to thank you for all you've done for me. It was the 5th time I took the NY Bar, and I could not have passed without your help and feedback. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!...students should know of your wonderful service, it was better than [big name bar prep company] and [other big name bar prep company] combined!

I graduated from a non-JD program in 1999 and ever since then I practiced law in a foreign country with a legal system far from the common law. I moved to the U.S. in 2009 and took the New York bar exam in February and July, 2011, failing both times. Having reviewed my scores, I realized that my problem was the essays due to two major reasons: not having English as native language and, most importantly, absence of skills in writing legal documents/memos acceptable in US courts. I did some research online to find a private tutor and encountered BarReviewSolutions.com and decided to sign up. When I submitted my first essays for review, I must acknowledge, I was frustrated by the rather harsh critique of the tutor. However, after the second or third critique, I felt that my skills gradually improved. As a result, I handled the Essay portion of the exam much better than before, and I passed the February 2012 New York bar exam. I strongly recommend BarReviewSolutions.com.

The best thing I ever did was get this tutoring. My tutor's comments on my writing made all the difference. The tutor was very professional, always responded within one day or so. Carefully analyzed my essays to such depth that my tutor's comments and suggestions not only really hit home but allowed me to see exactly what I needed to change about my writing to score the most points.

My confidence level on the exam was a reflection of the many tips my tutor gave me about my writing. Also, towards the end, my tutor was very supportive about any other issues I had that were not related to my writing such as time management issues, outlining effectively, etc. The bar tutor was more than well worth it, he has a vast understanding of the law and all the many little tips that are so useful for the essay portion of the bar. I recommend my tutor's services to anyone that is prepping for the bar.

Thank you so much for your bar exam tutoring. I was working full time this summer, but with your help I managed to take and pass the New York bar exam! Your feedback helped keep me on schedule and helped me to focus on what I really needed to convey in the essay portion. So thank you!

After failing another state's bar exam, and with little confidence, I decided to take the February 2010 New York bar exam, and with your help I passed on the first try!!! Thanks soooo much!!!!

I passed the NY bar. Thank you for your service. The writing essay evaluation/comments provided by the tutoring is an invaluable tool and a plus for all those aiming at passing the NY bar. This essay package practice dramatically changes the way I used to formulate my thoughts in answering questions. Particularly, the thoroughness and diagnosis throughout the process left me with an indelible impression. Also, the encouragements at the end surely strengthened my confidence. I may well be taking the NY bar again if it weren't for taking this essay practice.

This was an invaluable service which helped me pass the New York essay section with flying colors.

I just wanted to say thanks for your help on the New York essays. I think that your advice and critiques formed an important part of my ability to pass the New York Bar Exam.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the bar exam! Thanks so much for your help with the essays and for answering my questions.

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