VIII. Conclusion

Remember, this guide is intended to be a starting point for your bar review. Hopefully, we have pointed out a few potential pitfalls to avoid and provided a few ideas for you to incorporate into your own bar review.

If we had to boil down an effective bar review into a few lines it would include the following: Obtain reputable black-letter law materials, create a personalized study schedule for the duration of your bar review, create a reference system for future memorization as you initially review each testable subject, practice exam questions (essays and performance tests especially) religiously and seek outside help when necessary, spend the last couple of weeks strictly on memorization and practice, and, above all else, remain calm.

We are not lost in the irony that the preceding paragraph is a condensed version of the preceding pages.

Best of luck in your bar exam preparation, and, hopefully, a rewarding legal career. If you have any questions about this Guide or any of our products and services, then please feel free to Contact Us.

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